TTP is proud to offer the most talented, renowned, and caring dance teachers in the Santa Clarita Valley. Our instructors bring to the table a wide variety of expertise ranging from professional ballet to nationally recognized jazz choreography to industry acclaimed hip hop to acro experience. These industry professionals are passionate about their art and believe wholeheartedly that their passion translates into the work and character of their students. 

Our award winning teachers/choreographers have a vision to ignite every student with enthusiasm by contributing to their individual growth both artistically and mentally. We are the studio for empowering and nurturing your child to be the best they can be in a loving and stress-free environment.

Many of our families express that it is the talent of our instructors that makes them so happy at TTP. Our team is passionate about nurturing and pushing their students to maximize their potential in an inspiring environment. We always say that TTP is a family and that is the perfect way to describe our team's relationship with their students. Our instructors love our students, push them, cheer them on, and believe in their talents. We couldn't ask for a better group of teachers.