Client Fees

Class fees are paid in advance for each class on the day of the class or online when scheduling the class.

Personal Check or Credit Cards are welcome: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cannot make your appointment or class, you must cancel at least 24 hours prior to your time or you will be charged. You can easily cancel through this site, via email or by phone. All methods are time stamped. We have to adhere to the policy because we have a waiting list of individuals who want to take classes. If you cancel yours, we can let them in. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your scheduled session time you will be charged the full session fee. The teacher is not responsible to stay past the hour if you have not called to cancel.

Food And Drink

Please no chewing gum during class. No food or drink in the Pilates rooms except for water.

Classes Offered

  • Group Mat Classes

  • Group Reformer Classes

  • Privates

  • Semi Privates

Pilates Class Description:


Privates offers one-on one training with an instructor on our equipment. Focused solely on the clients individual needs, they are a great way to meet your personal goals. They are open to all levels and need no prior experience. Your instructor will discuss your specific goals and plan a workout regimen accordingly. During private sessions we will help assess body imbalances, increase flexibility, and develop muscle tone through exercises suited for you. We highly suggest starting with privates to gain an understanding of the work and your body. Once a foundation has been established an easy transition can be made into semi privates and group classes. We understand everyone’s bodies and goals are different, and we strive to work in ways, which are best for you.


Semi privates offer training very similar to privates. It is done with another person. We can help match you up with someone or you can decide whom you would like to work with.


Clients looking for rehabilitation will discover movements and stretches to encourage proper healing, while exercising to maintain and strengthen muscle tone. We will work around your specific needs to bring the body back to balance.

Pre/Post Natal

Within pre and post natal Pilates we target the core, strengthening abdominals and the pelvic floor muscles, which are vital during and after delivery. Pilates for pregnancy focuses on movements, which will help with the body changes and imbalances which occur during pregnancy. Utilizing the principles of Pilates you can expect to feel mentally and physically better throughout your pregnancy and delivery due an improved sense of body awareness.


(Need to be at least 13 of age to use equipment. Exceptions can be made. Please come talk to Cassie to get approval.)

At To The Pointe dancers and athletes will quickly find the benefits to Pilates. Movements of the body will be associated to your specific sport, with additional stretch and resistance to promote proper alignment, balance, control, concentration, and coordination. We focus on increasing flexibility, strength of the foot and ankle, turn out, extensions, jumps, and alignment. Pilates is a great means of injury prevention for all athletes.

Group Classes

Please Sign Into Classes Online. This Will Reserve Your Spot In The Class. Classes Do Fill Up! If There Is No One Signed Into The Class 2 Hours Before We Will Cancel The Class. It Is Very Important To Sign In! Our Group Class Packages Expire With In 3 Months. Please Contact Us If You Are Unable To Finish Your Package With In That Time Period And Exceptions Can Be Made.

Group Reformer

Our Group reformer classes are geared towards clients who have some Pilates experience, generally at an Intermediate level. We do require privates or semi privates before entering a group class. This is done to ensure that all clients have a sound understanding of Pilates in order to reduce the risk of injuries and make the session most beneficial. During a group session series of exercises are performed to improve core strength, increase flexibility, improve posture, and develop lean and toned muscles. Our classes are limited to 4 people. We do this to ensure that each client still gets individual attention as needed to master the exercises properly.

Mat Classes

Mat classes are a group setting class where you will learn and master the fundamental/intermediate mat exercises of Pilates. If you are a first timer to Pilates we do recommend an introductory private to gain an understanding of the movements.